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employment,casting 聘請
buy my video HERE (bobo;)
buy my hot apps(my own legend stories,special experience sharing) or buy fun cam/phone time;P
new ADDRESS : yuen long元朗(
map n youtube video for direction for my address for incall if like : (outcall of course ok too
hi ,my name is bobo, +852-65985505 ,24hr (pls try not to block ur caller id) , email:
non hotel/apartment living guy if need outcall,pls pre paypal/hsbc at least hkd100 for sincerity confirmation
(can phone me too if like may or yuki, lesb show ok also, while i can perform knife show n b toilet showers slave too)


lady midget dwarf 侏儒女士 ,有重口味 帥老外 對你 有interest....
attention, got a "special taste" handsome expat who like to hv fun with u ..
also if u r young lady wanna xtra $?
u r 后生女 想搵外快? contact me;P

support atv
love 祖國more plz;( 西部山高,沒水,凍;(中國人PER gdp 排全球90;(幾百/月;(

most suggested close friends: ( yuki need "rice" more ,so i put her link 1st;P

affiliates (work from 1pm -1am ,ur incall to wanchai most convenient/more choice

real american wont condemn my revealing ..should instead thank me for exposing stuff ...ur main stream media wont dare to say, n appreciate my frankness;P

my facebook acct: 偽美国霸權真相 DEVIL USA UNFOLDED

其他朋友 OTHER friend
叫雞 想省$? ,那你便要 多支持 那些沒那麼 出名的網(它們收女的費 可相差4倍),所謂羊毛出在羊身上
那些網有: (排名分先後;P 前面的<月費>最平)

sold in OK 便利店 ,$3


buy my video HERE

博客; 部落格; 網路日誌 blog /youtube /qq weibo/微博weibo/ twitter /web instagram /vine video (7sec stop motion video made by app from same name)


15 年前?15 Yrs ago?

hi ,my name is bobo, +852-65985505 ,24hr (can phone me too if like may or yuki..)(pls try not to block ur caller id)

垃圾恐怖 日本<< 731部隊>> 以前在中國東北, 用细菌,活體解剖,活體极冷,熱(烧)。。折磨人, 日本/世界 不知太多 故意隱瞞UNIT 731 , a sick horrible fxxking jap unit in past in north e china using germs , live human dissection, extreme burnt/heat/cold plague .... they themselves ,usa help coverd, world not know much


i m bobo

besides sucking fxxking n all those typical routine fantasy /conventional service

•i got a young mum friend who still got some breast milk
•i can perform pussy knife stunt show
•being mistress
•i being toilet slave (intaking some ur "brown/golden showers" literally
•lesbian show with my buddy MAY
•or sex show ( black guy fxxking me
•or intro u an african beauty
•or asking a "ONE" gay guy to fxxk ur ass ( indian/pakistan
•or see my bdsm training of an "ugly" slave
•outdoor, photography ok ( my buddy MAY ok too in foto taking




friends below:
lately know some young fun girl;P


youtube playlists ...

song : I Just Had Sex (feat. Akon)

現凡購買李敖新?:陽痿美國impotentaning america,做野只收五十塊(帶?來證明)

??(?子)?名要求日本承???侵略中?,道歉+??Petition to ask for japan to admit their crime/war in china & compensate

麻省理工學院「免費開放式課程」, MIT open FREE courses

me ,bobo +852-65985505 (pls try not to block ur caller id) ,24hr , for email n detail address pls role down more ;P

my best friend JOEY below,click pic for detail ;)(lesbian show with her ok可跟她磨豆腐你看;)(電話:九八二壹零三六六)

younger lady
中緬甸混血 myanmar chinese mix

<<<<<<< know thai & malay 馬拉/泰妹girl also >>>>>>>>


african ladies (charity much more beautiful than this foto actually)

img src=harbin.jpg>

img src=manq.jpg>

(my suggested gd friend -joey祖兒,if incall not at same district but near me though , click foto for more detail:) >>>
yr ass is itchy n wanna a "one guy" 2 fxxk u ? :P

捐款 扶貧 ;)

愛心富豪 巴菲特蟬聯榜首 kind hearted donator buffett ;)

<< waiting b repaired ;(

clik here to see more sm stuff ;P

rocking bed?


多件 非洲鮑魚 象拔蚌 ? ;) multi african abalone ,geoduckwow (.)(.) \|/

listen to this in cantonese :) 24618012
你好,我叫bobo ,我好開放,玩得 ( 歷史)

基本服務 當然有:吹+做,另有後庭,合歡椅,秋千,sm卜落 , a href=bdsm.htm>clik here 4 more sm stuff ,神奇蟹袋gap-gap騷(插利尖物件,射波),易服,制服,女皇(要我小便不ok);女奴(可玩黃金,咖啡,羅馬沐浴,痛不ok )(原本我只可做人廁沐浴奴,吾抵得痛,但如報酬是吸引的,或也可考慮)
另灌腸,角色扮演 還可玩攝影,3p,戶外

你想睇我虐奴隸 真人騷:P(或醜男/a>?) 冇問題,可安排;p


另外識一克鬼,如果你c忽癢 ,想搵壹仔/top仔 造你,可以諗諗

<< 另外,你有冇與趣睇下(或者加入)我同克鬼happy ? ;) like to see /join me hving fun with black guy ? ;P

hi my name is bobo ,local chinese ,friendly n kinky (history)

besides typical fun , other special service offered like toys ,"back-door fun"span lang="zh-tw"> ,sm equipment, ,swing, hoist ,special P-STUNT SHOW : can put sharp object in ,spit out balls.. uniform .. speculum , enema , wax, suction cup..can b mistress or slave (light short bond ok but cant take pain)/human toilet slave(brown shower /gold shower/roman shower=puke/vomit;p ) (click here if u r looking 4 real slave who can take pain)
(Suppose i say can only b toilet shower slave, cant take pain ,but if reward is attractive , might b can think twice being ur pain slave ;P
(also i can't pee on u:(
ok with photography or "outdoor excitment" ,3p(ersons),gloves

clik here to c more sm stuff

MAny slave ask me how would he b enslaved , click here

or u like to see me "sm/torturing " a slave ;( or ugly guy ? no problem , can arrange that

also got stunt n other fun video for sale here 有錄像賣 (同意拍攝/戴面具)(u can still buy when i offline)

also can do genuine massage and b yr genuine tourist guide around hk if u like:)

(另有興趣可以睇下一些我與些另類客玩SM的片段;p (同意拍攝//戴面具)(要幫襯我/睇,可直接上來旺角我處,或按這網上信甪咭購買) some "sm" guy let me take video(with permission/wear mask) , can let u c those special stuff then if u like ,(welcome to buy watch those video here at my place in or pay online (click here) directly to see)

你好似陳冠希咁有表演慾? 不如安排 即造現場網上視像 俾人昅? ;P
like show off/got exhibtionism ? might b can arrange live cam show to fullfill ur fantasy ;P

有表演慾,可搵著數,兼幫人?! hv exhibitionism tendency n like some benefit/assist others ?

incall address 地址 -


phone service -introduction in cantonese 24618012

cellular +852 -65985505 (pls try not to block ur caller id) (bobo , working 24hr:)
(when u phone in/email in,B glad if u can inform me from which other site u r referred ,tks)
(kindly look elsewhere if u r tatoo phobic or too abnormally "discreet" if live in hotel n wont even tell 1st name for sincerity confirmation)

(appreciate inform me originally from which site/source u r referred to this site,tks)(or even better b glad if u give me this kind of info especially if u know me from overseas)



(also know a sexy guy 8-inch who can b "one " or "top" guy , welcome enquiring 4 further arrangement ;)

for buying video /photo or whatever u like;) click below 4 detail

購買video/相/想聽我講:"怪客談"?prepaid for phone/3g/webcam fun? or wanna me share those "weird customer experience"?

want another man to suck ur big cock or if u r a lady wanna a slave to beat or give shower?

more fotoa>

我的歷史 /耶穌/其他連結 my history/christ/other link.. including my friend 我朋友

你是後生仔,想同人地老婆happy?if u r an young expat n like to hv fun with somebody's wife ,click here


my suggested friend joey 試下 我朋友 祖兒;)

beauty ~food & kitchen

aids concern

自大奪命奇聞:西非剛比亞總統 稱有神祕土法治愛滋? d蠢國民也俾他洗腦 信他:P crazy news: west african country ,gambia 's president claim know how to cure aids

非州/中東還有些怪習:要切女人西"的" ,怕她們太"淫" ,有d縫埋晒,到結婚/生仔時,開翻d, 生完又再縫埋:( crazy guess u had heard that some african/mid east crazy ritual : that ppl had to remove women clit, but i just know from bbc that , some even sew it, then un-stitch it when child birth , then re-stitch it after birth-giving ;( nuts..... tks that ppl live in civilized world , those ppl should change

行行出狀元? << 老外報道亞洲颱風也搵到食? typhoon reporting can b a profession ?

公平貿易產品 = 我的解釋 :善心的買些窮人造的產品,可能會貴些,但幫到他們改善生活 fairtrade = my interpretation : charity buy those product made by poor ppl , might not b cheap, but help them improve their life

?派?,想搞?心些?找?出名魔術師同你搞搞气氛;)why not invite a magician if u want organize party

hongkong night life ?


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